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training-darkblue Your brand is unique.

Your digital presence and social media strategies should reflect that uniqueness while engaging your fans and giving them the best experience possible. How your customers perceive your brand online can be the difference between losing a sale and gaining a brand ambassador.


Seek Social Media will work with you to create an integrated social media plan that will propel your marketing efforts and engage your customers. We’ll develop a stellar plan to improve your digital presence, speak to your customers’ needs, and bring measurable results for your business. Marketing is no longer about broadcasting your message. Successful marketing sparks conversations with your target market, cultivates relationships, and generates brand loyalty and brand ambassadors. We’ll create a messaging blueprint to ensure that you’re telling your story effectively and efficiently.


Seek Social Media develops personalized trainings in digital presence and social media marketing strategies tailored to the needs of each client. No two brands are alike, therefore no two trainings should be.

Seek Social Media provides you with the tools and strategies you’ll need to successfully use social media to market YOUR brand. You’ll receive guidance and training tailored to your brand and unique audience – and your goals. Building on what you already know we’ll teach  you to tell your story more effectively and turn your customers into fans!

Whether you’re just getting started or have an established web presence we’ll design a training plan specifically for you and your team.

Our one-on-one (or group) training covers all aspects of social media, including, but not limited to:

  • Set-up and optimization of your online presence
  • Determining the right social platforms for your brand
  • Best practice guidance on using social media for marketing
  • Tracking and measuring campaign effectiveness
  • Strategies for effective posting and messaging
  • Strategies for growing your fanbase
  • Strategies for engaging your fans
  • Social media advertising – targeting, determining which ad products are right for your brand

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Need a speaker to talk to your group about social media and digital presence? Carole Billingsley is a vibrant speaker who loves speaking and teaching about all things social and digital. Topics include: 

  • Getting Started with Social Media
  • Why Social Media is Vital to Your Company Success
  • Social Media is the New Customer Service Center
  • Measuring Social Media Success
  • How Your Digital Presence Affects Sales and Customer Service
  • The Importance of Social Media Plans and Policies

 With our guidance and training, you’ll be connecting and growing long after you don’t need us anymore!



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