gear-dkblueYour digital presence should ensure the optimal visitor experience to attract new customers, not drive them away!

Your digital presence is vital to your brand’s success. It is your online storefront and often the first experience your customers have with your business. If their first impression is that your website is too slow, difficult to navigate, impossible to find the information they’re looking for, they will move on…to your competitor. Likewise, your social media properties must not only be engaging, they must maintain brand consistency, and give as much information about your company as possible.

Marketing is no longer about the brand…it’s about the customer. Customer experience and customer service begin with your digital presence. Giving your customers the experience they expect will increase your bottom line!

Seek Social will analyze your total digital presence and provide a detailed report from user interface and customer service perspectives and evaluate implementation of best practices in brand consistency, marketing, and social media.

I’ll show you what you’re doing well and give detailed recommendations for making your brand shine in the eyes of your customers. I will also consult with you on implementing the recommendations.

The report begins with a page-by-page audit of your website, including all internal and external links. Recommendations are given for each page to ensure the most beneficial experience for visitors and support for your marketing and sales efforts. We’ll review your analytics to determine where your traffic originates, and ensure that traffic is driven to sales funnel destinations.

The final section includes a review of your social media properties, containing observations and recommendations for implementing best practices to grow community while increasing engagement and reach on each platform.

Digital Presence Audits start at only $300! Get the assessment FREE with a Consulting or Training agreement.

Don’t have a team member available to implement the recommendations in the assessment? No worries! Seek’s got you covered!

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