10 Tweaks to Give Your Facebook Business Page Greater Impact

I’ve been touring Facebook business Pages for about a week, looking at what businesses are doing right, and what easy changes they could make to give their Pages more impact and their visitors a better experience. I’ve found some interesting things on many Pages, but one thing that stood out was that many Page owners aren’t taking full advantage of the valuable real estate that is their Facebook Page.

 I’ve compiled a list of 10 tweaks you can easily make to your Page to improve visitor experience and give your Page greater impact:

1. Businesses must have a business Page. It’s a violation of Facebook’s TOS to run a business page on a personal profile. How do you know the difference? The easiest way is this: If people send a ‘friend request’ to be part of your community, your page is set up as a personal profile. A business page’s fans ‘Like’ the Page.

2. Claim your vanity URL. A vanity url looks like this: www.facebook(dot)com/yourcompanyname. This is important so that you can easily direct people to your Facebook Page.

3. Include your website URL in the visible portion of the About section. Facebook doesn’t allow for the URL to be included on the cover photo, so it should be in the next most visible spot. This will allow visitors to click through to your website as soon as they visit your Page. Note: You do not need the http:// before or the / after the url.

4. Use all of the space in the visible portion of the About section. There are 155 characters visible in the About section on the Timeline. Use them all to give an impact statement about your company.

5. Fill out the Description and all other information that is allowed for your type of Page. The available entries vary depending on the category of Page you’ve chosen, but don’t leave anything blank.

6. Delete any empty/unused apps. Since the advent of Timeline for Pages, tabs have been discontinued and replaced with apps. These apps are just to the right of the About section. Don’t send visitors to a blank or outdated page.

7. Add custom app covers. This is more of a cosmetic issue, but important nonetheless. It just gives the Page a more polished look.

8. Add YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest apps to your Page. This makes your Facebook Page an all-inclusive destination for your company’s web presence. All of your online real estate should be linked so that visitors to one site can easily find your other properties.

9. Move the “likes” app to the second row. It’s easy to move the apps around. The only one that can’t be moved is the Photos app. Now that your Page’s likes are shown under the company name, it’s redundant to have the Likes app showing. That’s valuable real estate, so use it for something else like a link to your YouTube channel or Pinterest page.

10. PROOFREAD!!! This should probably be number 1 on the list. No matter how beautiful your cover photo or how much your company rocks – misspelled words and bad grammar will drive customers away. I, for one, will not do business with a company that has typos or uses poor grammar on their Facebook Page, website, or any other written communication. Sadly, there are many Pages, websites, etc out there that contain these types of mistakes. Don’t let yours be one of them.

These ten tips will get your Facebook Page in tip-top shape so that it will have a greater impact on visitors. Need help implementing these tips? I can help! Leave a comment, send a message on Facebook or LinkedIn, tweet me, call me, or send up a smoke signal. I’m here to help!


Carole Billingsley (@YouSeekSocial) is a social media consultant, speaker, and trainer. Combining her social media savvy with her expertise as an entertainment promoter, educator, and emergency preparedness coordinator, Carole founded Seek Social Media in 2011. She is known for her ability to make technical and social media topics easy to understand for even the least tech-savvy business owner.


  1. Rebecca
    October 2, 2013

    Hi! Pertaining to #’s 3, 6, 8, and 9… can you show us how to do that, or provide links that list out how to do that? #3 in particular, I have my website listed in my contact info AND my about category and yet it doesn’t show up on my facebook page.

    • Carole
      October 3, 2013

      Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks for your comment! Yes, I’ll be happy to show you how to do those things. If you wouldn’t mind, send me a link to your Facebook page so I can take a look. I may be able to help you figure out why your URL isn’t showing in the visible About section. I’ll also send you instructions on how to do the other items that you asked about. Please send an email to carole@seeksocialmedia.com with a link to your Page.


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